Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brandon Scott

My Big Guy,

3 months ago you were born sleeping. I was in disbelief....So was Papa.... You looked just like Papa and Grandpa Carlo combined. The first time i held you and looked at you I could not believe my eyes I looked at Papa and said OH MY GOD HE HAS MY FATHERS EARS. Now you play in heaven with him. I am sure he is taking you right under his wing and loving you and Matthew to bits. I miss you so ..... What I would give just to hold you in my arms again. My arms want so badly to hold you again. I wait for the day when i can hold you tight again. I love and miss you more than word can explain. I think you are the reason my remote is always moving around the house. Me and Papa have no other explanation as to where it goes and who moves it being we are the only people in this house.... I dont think Shakies moves it. The reason we think it is you and not Matthew is because even when you were in my tummy you always were the one kicking around and being difficult.... Every ultrasound you would never stay still. I would give anything to feel you move around in my belly again..... Ok I must end this note here as i just got in from a long day at work and I am so sleepy.... I LOVE YOU .....Be a good boy... Tell Matthew I love and miss him. You and your brother play nice and be good for Grandma and Grandpa....



Brenda said...


Huge hugs

Jennifer said...


I'm so sorry for what has happened..but I'm glad that you found the wonderful women of this dreadful "club". They are awesome and have helped, and are helping, me beyond words in getting thru the loss of my son. I know that your beautiful boys are with their Grandpa...safe and feeling so much love.

Thinking of you.

Carole said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I found your blog from Mel @ Stirrup Queens. Your letters to your sons are so heartfelt and brought tears to my eyes. I lost my son at one hour old in August 2006. My grief blog is private...but there are directions for an invite on my regular blog if you ever need one.

Please know I'm thinking of you.

Antigone said...

I'm so sorry to meet you.

Becky said...

Beautiful Brandon...so sweet! Play nice with your brother, and if you see Dylan and Riley let them know that their Momma loves them.

I'm glad you found the blogging world. It saved me.

Amy said...

Yet another beautiful letter.
Thinking of you!