Saturday, March 1, 2008


So the story begins. I am going to take this blog one day at a time and write the whole story in parts so if you care to follow my journey have patience with me. Jeff and i started trying to have children on and off for a good 5 years after that we decided to walk into a fertility Dr. I am in the medical field so i was told to go to a certain Dr. and i was off.... needless to say we found out in Feb of 2007 what our issue was and the whole journey began. We were told with our issue We should go straight to IVF..... WHAT ARE THEY NUTS I THOUGHT....... IVF ?????? The research began.... To make along story somewhat short we had to do IVF WITH ICSI.... We have a male factor issue. His count is fine THANK GOD..... lets just say they get a great start out of the gate......... but, get tired 1/2 way to the finish line. so we started the whole IVF thing. injections .....sonograms........bloodwork.......I must say i am a very lucky woman as my hubby was nothing short of WONDERFUL.......He gave me every injection and went to almost all my appts. On the 27th of July they took 12 mature eggs from me and the next day we were told 8 fertilized.....THATS GREAT for those of you who dont know about IVF. we did a 5 day transfer and put 2 blasts back on the 1st of aug. On the 9th we found out we were having a baby..... I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE AND I MEAN NEVER HAVE FELT SUCH COMPLETE HAPPINESS... I CAN REMEMBER GETTING THE CALL......... Jeff and i were in the car with his mom and aunt beady....... the four of us could do nothing but cry our eyes out....... when we hit 6 weeks we found out we were having TWINS....... WHAT DID SHE SAY I THOUGHT TO MYSELF AS JEFF WAS SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR........ That was the day we fell in love with them when we saw their hearts beating away on that screen its amazing how deeply in love you fall.........Ok must end this as i am getting way toooooooo emotional will continue another day.


Becky said...

I'm glad that you decided to start.

Although it's been a long journey for you and Jeff, it's not about to end here. It will take lots of twists and turns, and soon you will hold your living, breathing baby in your arms and know exactly what you missed with the boys. And at that moment, another journey will begin...and that's not one that will end soon.

Love you lots!

Amy said...

I am glad you are here. Not that you are "here" but you know what I mean. I'm glad you are blogging!
Hang in there and we'll all be here to help!

Ange said...

I am so very sorry that your darling boys are not with there Mummy. I really hope you get the support and comfort you need blogging. You are sadly not alone. Thinking of you.